Our Five Pillars

Leadership opportunities exist for all members. We may lead by heading a fundraiser, organizing an event, or taking on an Academic Chair position. We may lead more subtly, through emotional support for each other in times of need. Every DHI sister has opportunities to lead according to her strengths.

Mentorship experience is gained primarily by becoming a Big Sister. We match Big and Little sisters based on their backgrounds, interests, hobbies, academic experience, and personalities. Additionally, all sisters have the opportunity to mentor other students by taking on leadership roles in and out of the sorority.

Friendship opportunities abound! Delta Eta Iota provides endless opportunities to expand your social network and create lifelong friendships. We provide opportunities to meet alumni and stay in contact with members after graduation. We are friendly with other Greek organizations, clubs on campus, and around the world.

Delta Eta Iota takes academia seriously. We have a minimum GPA requirement which is monitored and strictly enforced by our Academic Chair. We provide academic mentorship to those sisters not meeting our GPA standards. Our Academic Chair provides regular study sessions and workshops for those looking to improve their grades.

Delta Eta Iota strives to make a difference in people’s lives every day. We volunteer our time to many different local community organizations. Our Fundraising Chair and Community Service Chair work together to get our girls out into the community. We are always ready and eager to help someone in need.

Our History

Delta Eta Iota was founded in January of 2008 by five young women who felt a sense of community and sisterhood.

In 2006, when the Kappa Sigma sorority wanted to found a chapter at the University of Lethbridge, the Student’s Union declined because they felt Greek Life was discriminatory. The Student’s Union did not feel there was enough push for Greek organizations on campus to recognize a sorority. From 2006-2008, Kappa Sigma pushed to be recognized, and wanted a sorority on campus to help with that.

When Bill Cade became president of the University of Lethbridge, he pushed to have a Greek Life presence on campus. In his college days Mr. Cade had attended University in the United States, where Greek Life has a massive presence on campus. Bill Cade knew how beneficial Greek life can be to student life.

Bill Cade knew how beneficial Greek life can be to student life.

Cade came to one of Kappa Sigma’s pledging information sessions to speak about Greek Life. Cade heavily lobbied the Student’s Union with the position that sororities and fraternities have a positive impact on campus.

That initiative sparked widespread support from the administration of the U of L. Once the University gave its approval to the Student’s Union, the Student’s Union finally obliged and allowed for official recognition of Kappa Sigma. Soon after, our five founders formed Delta Eta Iota on the University of Lethbridge campus in 2008. After our founders established our sorority, Greek Life continued to grow via Kappa Beta Gamma. Over the past few years Delta Eta Iota has continued to grow on & off campus at the Lethbridge College with the addition of another chapter.

U of L Campus With Trees

Because we are local, we have many advantages over other national and international sororities. First, our fees are lower. Second, we are self-governing in matters such as GPA requirements, volunteer requirements, and volunteer opportunities. Unlike other Greek organizations that support only a few designated charities, our volunteer requirements can be fulfilled with any charitable organization. Further, our sisters are encouraged to champion their own cause within the local community. Being local mean each girl finds her own unique expression of our core shared values. We are individually unique, together complete.

Our Founders

Farrah Al-Alami
Farrah Al-AlamiFounder & Managing Director, 3ELM Consulting
Farrah is an accomplished leader and IT professional. She won the Immigrant of Distinction Award , was a finalist for the Woman of Inspiration Award, and was acknowledged by the Minister of Status of Women. She has 15+ years of multi-disciplinary experience in telecommunications, financial services, staffing, health care, information technology and not-for-profits. Farrah possesses strong Project Management skills, has a knack for Business Analysis, and holds a Change Management certification.
 Melanie Canfield
Melanie Canfield
Melanie Canfield co-founded Delta Eta Iota in her role as Academic Director.
 Ashley Chesney
Ashley Chesney
Ashley Chesney (Pettigrew) co-founded Delta Eta Iota in her role as Vice-President.
Heather Mackenzie
Heather MackenzieProgram Assistant
Heather Mackenzie co-founded Delta Eta Iota in her role as Co-President.
Michelle McNaughton
Michelle McNaughtonTerritory Sales Manager
Michelle McNaughton co-founded Delta Eta Iota in her role as Social Director.

Our Members

Ashley Pettigrew, Farrah Al-Alami, Heather Mackenzie, Melanie Canfield, Michelle McNaughton

Carmela S, Elisabeth S, Hayley D, Jana H, Jeni N, Jillian H, Kaleigh R, Lisette M, Saskia A

Alyssa M, Brittany B, Candice V, Katrina K, Nicole C, Sheydeen S

Amanda K, Devon M

Celine R, Gillian D, Kayla B, Jess V, Rebecca B, Shanna V, Suzette P

Jade O, Kathleen, Dana K, Sara P

Alison T, Jocelyn H, Kayla S, Kaylee G, Patricia O, Selena S, Shereese M, Siobhan H

Alexandra P, Alisha K, Amanda B, Andrea Z, Jazmeen S, Katarina O, Katelyn S, Kayley B, Kelsie S, Kristin K, Meagann L, Natasha R, Nicole S, Virginia B, Victoria W, Alysha Y, Theresa C

Mackenzie M, Nicole C, Shannon P, Shawney M

Alex F, Bailey S, Darby B, Dorice W, Emily S, Jelian O, Jenica B, Jeniffer G, Jenna C, Jenni S, Jessica M, Kim G, Kelly D, Laura W, Lauren M, Liesl G, Lisa D, Leah B, Leeza D, Rachel B, Taylor H

Amanda R, Brooke W, Catherine M, Patty I, Taylor C

Alyx S, Amanda Y, Ashley H, Ashley K, Brittni L, Caraline S, Chelsea C, Cherilynn B, Courtney F, Fallon T, Jeanelle G, Kate K, Kathrine W, Leora H, Marisa W, Meckenzie F, Navreet D, Rianne G, Steffanie F, Stephanie W

Ayesha S, Brea-Ann K, Fernanda O, Jasmine G, Tanya B

Amanda W, Brenna W, Caileigh S, Katelyn P, Madison P, Mae B, Urvi M

Charlee G, Aries C, Katherine A, Alexa P, Beth H, Sarah T

Ashley A, Brea S, Brianna M, Heather Y, Jazmine F, Jocelyn D, Kayleigh S, Mariana Z, Martina V

Ashley P, Ashley S, Chelsea W, Kristina O, Olivia G, Sorcha D, Sydney H

Alexandria K, Aly Estevez, Arielle H, Cassandra B, Courtney M, Emilie L, Hailey L, Kathleen K, Lea V, Luka D, Madison W, Melissa S, Mojoyin B, Quincey P

Danielle B, Franchesca L, Julia R, Shawna K, Tiana M

Brooke B, Colleen T, Katie B, Jacqueline P, Rosie C, Samantha A, Taylor M, Taylor R

Amy C, Brooke C, Courtney A, Heidi R, Victoria N

Dakota G, Marissa H, Michelle E, Tatyana K

Davina D, Kaitlyn H, Laura F, Sariah D, Selena B, Tigana R

Moved to Beta Colony – Zeta Class

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Amy C, Brooke C, Cassidy P, Courtney A, Dakota G, Destiny F, Heather M, Heidi R, Kaitlin M, Kenzie H, Kurstyn H, Lauren A, Maho N, Marissa H, Michelle E, Raina M, Robyn H, Sarah M, Selena K, Tasha H, Tatyana K, Tianna, Tina W, Victoria M, Victoria N, Zabi S