What is a sorority?2020-01-15T17:37:42-07:00

A sorority is an organization of women bound together by friendship, common aspirations, and common goals. On a university campus a student may find many opportunities to get involved in an array of different sororities, whether they are based on academic honors, academic major, community service, religion, or ethnicity. Delta Eta Iota is the first sorority at the University of Lethbridge.

What makes Delta Eta Iota different from other sororities?2020-01-21T21:31:15-07:00

Delta Eta Iota’s main objective is to strengthen and empower women in society. More specifically, Delta Eta Iota provides the opportunity for the female student to enhance her friendships, leadership skills, academic involvement, and service contribution to the local community. Delta Eta Iota also takes pride in being a Local Sorority.

When was Delta Eta Iota Founded?2020-01-15T17:36:00-07:00

Delta Eta Iota was founded in January 2008 by Farrah Al-Alami, Heather Mackenzie, Ashley Chesney, Melanie Canfield, and Michelle McNaughton.

How does Delta Eta Iota benefit its host institution?2020-01-21T17:53:50-07:00

Delta Eta Iota requires community service & volunteer hours from its members. These activities often directly serve the University, but also often simply spread the good name of the University throughout our community. Additionally, Delta Eta Iota places a great emphasis on academia. We have regular, required study hours, and we enforce minimum academic standards. We also help members become more actively involved in campus life, which decreases the likelihood of students dropping out.

What does Delta Eta Iota do for the community?2020-01-21T21:40:21-07:00

We help out in the community as much as we can. All members have a minimum requirement of 5 hours for volunteering a month,  and this is easily filled with our group events and fundraisers. We do help ever member find an individual placement as well.

What is your stance on hazing?2020-01-15T17:33:27-07:00

Not only is hazing a federal offense in Canada, hazing goes against everything we stand for. Hazing is any sort of intentional infliction of danger, pain, or humiliation. This does not create sisterhood, it creates distrust, anger and confusion. Like almost every other sorority today, Delta Eta Iota has a very strict anti-hazing policy that is enforced by the chapter executive. We do not tolerate any form of hazing at any time, and any instances of suspected hazing are dealt with seriously and immediately.

What does it mean to be in a local sorority?2020-01-21T21:40:46-07:00

There are two main types of sororities, Local or National. National sororities are affiliated with the Panhellenic Conference. There are 26 Internationally recognized sororities under this organization, with many having different chapters in various locations. Local sororities are typically found at a single University or College campus. The founders establish and create all information relative to that sorority including name, ceremonies, symbols and so on. The Panhellenic Council has relations with these groups but they don’t necessarily abide by the same rules and regulations. Being in a Local sorority does not take from your Greek Life experience; we offer the same opportunities.

Why do we stay local?2020-01-21T21:43:48-07:00

There are many reasons why we remain a local sorority. One of the main reasons is that it is a difficult and a time consuming process to be accepted by the Panhellenic Council. The best way to become a national sorority is to ask a recognized one to adopt our chapter as their own, in a long process of appeals to existing sororities. Were they eventually to adopt, then we would be able to assimilate our sorority into theirs. This means changing everything except who our members are. DHI would no longer be DHI. We do have a relaionship with the Council, but staying local allows us to have more control over our own rules and regulations.
We keep our fees very minimal by staying local because we are completely in charge of them. We don’t have to pay fees to our founding chapter, nor do we have to pay fees to the Panhellenic Council itself. Compared to our national sororities, we pay less than a quarter of what we would have to pay to be in a Panhellenic sorority. Even though we are not national, every year our members are invited to join existing Panhellenic sororities and fraternities in their endeavors. We have established a network of local sororities across North America, which allows us the same benefits of the Panhellenic Council.

Who is Delta Eta Iota looking for?2020-01-21T17:53:13-07:00

Delta Eta Iota is looking for well-rounded women, dedicated to expanding their networks, developing leadership skills, and focusing on their studies. We are looking for women who want to contribute to the local community. We are looking for anyone interested in enriching their life through the unique experience Greek Life offers.

What is Rush?2020-01-15T17:54:46-07:00

The term “rush” is another term for new membership recruitment. It is a great way to learn more about Delta Eta Iota and the Greek Community that exists. During rush, you will have the opportunity to meet the Delta Eta Iota members and ask any questions you may have, and determine if Delta Eta Iota is right for you.

How does the process work?2020-01-15T17:26:54-07:00

Through recruitment events, information sessions, and spending time with the members, you can become acquainted with the sorority and see what it has to offer. After a period of time, if friendship exists and the sorority believes that there would be mutual benefit from your association, you would receive a “bid” which is a formal invitation to pledge Delta Eta Iota. After accepting the bid, you would then pledge the organization and spend your pledge period learning the history of the organization & getting to know its members before being initiated. The term “initiated” simply refers to the the moment, upon completing your pledge period, when a pledge becomes an active member. Once initiated, you are a sister for life.

What is a bid & how do I get one?2020-01-15T17:59:35-07:00

A bid is an invitation to pledge to a sorority. The best way to get a bid is by getting involved during Rush to learn about Greek life and if it’s right for you! By coming to events or talking to a Greek member you have established yourself as a PNM (potential new member). During Rush we have an ‘I would like to join’ sheet for any PNM to fill out. It is a short questionnaire that tells us a bit about you and will help us match you to a current member who will become your “Big Sister” once you are a pledge. As long as you fill out one of these forms at the Rush table, Info Sessions, Events or by contacting us, we can make sure you get on our list to be considered for a bid.

What is a pledge?2020-01-21T22:02:17-07:00

A pledge is a girl who has been invited to join the sorority. Pledges go through the eight-week pledge process to fulfill their requirements of becoming a sister. Unfortunately, television and the movies have created a skewed reputation for sororities. This reputation is sometimes extended to the term “pledge.” We assure you that the term is merely used to differentiate between the pledging girl & an intitiated member. The term is by no means demeaning.

Are there any fees?2020-01-21T22:12:44-07:00

Yes, there are membership fees. A pledge costs $20 which includes a DHI pin to be worn during your pledge period. An an additional $20 initiation fee is due for a pin and cardigan to wear once initiated. An active member pays $50 each active semester. These fees are important to help keep our organization up and running. Member fees help us pay for fundraisers, social events, food and other supplies. We keep our fees as low as we can, and only as high as they need to be. We are all students, on student budgets. One way we keep our fees low is by remaining local. Don’t let money stop you from joining! If you need support you can talk to our executive council and they will work out a solution.

What are the GPA requirements?2020-01-15T18:03:59-07:00

Delta Eta Iota enforces a minimum GPA of 2.7 for all members. Anyone below a 2.7 must do 3 study hours a week with a “Study Buddy.” Any member below a 2.5 is considered on “Academic Probation” and has social privileges revoked until she brings her GPA up to a 2.5 or higher. These standards are strictly enforced by our Academic Chair, and each girl’s academic standing is reviewed on a monthly basis. Most of our sister end up doing 3 or more hours of studying per day regardless of their GPAs.

What happens during the pledge period?2020-01-21T22:16:17-07:00

You will attend Pledge Class. Here you will learn Delta Eta Iota’s history, values, and get to know our members. During the pledge period you learn what it means to be a Delta, and get used to our system & how it works. Pledges will have the opportunity to attend our meetings so you can get familiar with all of the sisters and our sorority. Pledges are encouraged to come out to all our events and participate with us as much as possible. At the end of the pledge period, you are then initiated and become a full member of the sorority.

How long is Delta Eta Iota’s pledge period?2020-01-15T15:11:54-07:00

Delta Eta Iota has a 60 day pledge period. You may pledge in the beginning of the Fall or Spring semesters.

How do I choose between the two groups on campus?2020-01-15T15:09:17-07:00

Choosing to join a sorority is a big decision. You’re deciding to become a member of a family! The best advice we can give on choosing which sorority to join is to look at who you feel your best around. Typically girls click more with members of one group than the other. Go with your gut!